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B. house  
Spring Grove, Minnesota, USA  
Arch. DI Dr. techn. Gerhard Vana   

Usually architects‘ clients of detached houses are of more than adequate financial means. But this house was built by people who have neither a big salary nor are they intellectuals or artists. They are the owners of a flower farm and their work is less motivated by financial interests, but more by enthusiasm. One of the home’s owners was born in Europe, in Vienna, Austria, where the building was also designed. As the discussion of the design process was only done via the Internet, this house is truly a product of the digital age.

As in the childrens‘ telephone game, where the message slightly differs from one person to the other, the details and materials of this house were manufactured by American craftsmen in a different way than they were originally designed on the other side of the ocean by the academically trained Viennese architect. But this both frees the house from the prejudices of what we call good taste and enables us to overstep the academic bounds, a little at least.

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